Labor of love

Thank you for visiting my website. It is my hope that Your Growing Season will be of help to you as you partner with the Holy Spirit to grow Christ’s character in you.

Writing this book has been a joy. The process was slow–on purpose. Other things in life vied for my time and I wanted writing to remain a pleasant experience, so I took my time to carefully craft these words. The stressful time came when it took over 18 months to work on securing permission from other publishers to use quotations from their works. Many responded quickly; others never responded, and their quotes were painfully removed from the text.

Working with Jeff Kusner at Koozzz Publishing could not have been easier or more pleasant. The way Jeff coached, advised, and assisted me was invaluable. Many thanks to Jeff and the Koozzz family for making this labor of love truly a painless process.

M. Johnson

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